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The Scottish National Party (SNP) was founded in 1934 after the National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party merged. The SNP are a Scottish nationalist party who campaign for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom while ideally remaining within the European Union. SNP are seen as a centre left and social democratic party, in the sense that they support state intervention to promote social justice within the framework of a mixed economy. The SNP promotes the securalisation and liberalisation of Scotland, an independent Scotland within the European Union, universal access to education, House of Lords reform and the introduction of the Proportional Representation electoral system. They aim to achieve these goals through policies such as: 

  • Ask the UK government to give the Scottish Parliament the power to hold a second independence referendum 

  • Demand the UK matches Scotland's climate change targets 

  • Devolution of immigration powers to Scotland 

  • Propose a new National Health Service Protection Act 

Party Stats 

  • Current Leader: Nicola Sturgeon (pictured) 

  • 3.9% of the vote share in 2019 

  • 48 Members of Parliament 

  • 61 Members of Scottish Parliament

The Scottish National Party: News
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