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The Liberal Democrats were officially formed in 1988 after a merger between the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Liberal Party and are seen as a centre to centre left party. The party promotes social liberalism, supporting redistribution of wealth while remaining sceptical of increasing the power of the state. One of the key principles they hold is the link between equality and liberty. The party campaigns for: constitutional reform, greater economic and social welfare policy, a strong relationship with the EU, environmentalism and the protection of human rights and individual liberty. They believe that some of these goals can be achieved through policies such as: 

  • Implementation of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • Stopping a no-deal Brexit 

  • Legalisation of recreational cannabis use

  • 80% of all electricity coming from renewable energy

Party Stats 

  • Current Leader: Sir Ed Davey (pictured)

  • 11.5% of the vote share in 2019 

  • 11 Members of Parliament 

  • 88 Peers in the House of Lords 

  • 5 Members of Scottish Parliament

  • 1 Member of Welsh Parliament

The Liberal Democrats: News
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