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The Green Party (Greens) origins can be found in the PEOPLE Party, which was founded in 1972 and eventually rebranded to become the Green Party in 1985. The Greens are a green and left-wing party; therefore, they aim to combine environmentalism with left-wing economic policies. The party stands on a platform of promoting the proportional representation electoral system, a progressive approach to social policies such as civil liberties and drug policy reform, and more democratic engagement. They aim to achieve these goals through policies such as: 

  • Introduce a Green New Deal Bill: reducing climate emissions to net zero by 2030 

  • Further and Higher Education Bill: fund tuition for every higher education student, scrap undergraduate tuition fees and write off existing student debt

  • Introduce UBI for all adults

  • Fair Votes Bill: replace First Past the Post with Proportional Representation and create a fully elected House of Lords 

Party Stats 

  • Current Leaders: Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry (collective leadership) (pictured)

  • 2.7% of vote share in 2019 

  • 1 Member of Parliament 

  • 2 Peers in House of Lords

The Green Party: News
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