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Nims Obunge's "Nims for LDN": An Analysis

Nims Obunge is running as an independent candidate in the London mayoral election which is taking place on the 6th of May. As an independent candidate, he believes that he is well placed to serve the interests of Londoners, free from the internal fighting of political parties. A large part of Nims campaign is built around tackling crime and opportunity in the city. Having been a faith leader for Freedom’s Ark; the CEO of The Peace Alliance and a board member of the London Criminal Justice Partnership, Nims has had a long history with tackling crime in London and understands the negative effects it has had. Nims’ fundamental message is that crime needs to be tackled because it has deprived many Londoners of opportunities and has also affected many people both mentally and physically. As well as crime he has proposed other policies such as housing, green policies and increasing London’s prosperity through promoting business and entrepreneurship.

Make London Safe

  • Zero tolerance knife and violent crime

  • Ensure Stop and Search for all

  • Deliver Youth Clubs

  • City wide recruitment of Special Police Constables

  • Eradicate modern day slavery and human trafficking from London

  • Establish Mayoral HOPE schools to address school exclusion

Crime is a central issue for Nims and is a key reason for why he is standing for London Mayor. As a faith pastor he has seen the shocking consequences of violent crime on many of London’s young people and their families. His central aim and reason for standing in the election is to tackle London’s crime and establish peace in London’s communities. His approach to this is through strengthening police powers but also establishing better community links and opportunities for London’s youth, so that they are not drawn to crime. Nims believes that giving young people opportunities, so they are not forced to turn to criminal activity, is the best solution to crime in London.

Make London Affordable

  • Create innovative partnerships to fund housing for front line key workers in the communities they serve at scale

  • Establish Mayoral Guardianships for the Homeless

  • Implement Tourist Tax

  • Reconnect Communities, creating The London Village

Housing opportunities are also a key policy area for Nims. He believes that the affordability of housing is one of London's major issues. His solution to the problem is through the use of innovative partnerships which fund the construction of new homes. His housing policies also reflect his community focus. He aims to reconnect communities in London in order to give a sense of belonging.

Make London Electric

  • Champion a New Green London

  • Deliver a Smart City: Zero Emission Infrastructure

  • Ensure Carbon neutrality by 2030

  • Greening of London. Planting a million trees

  • Make deliveries electric

Nims wishes to make green policies central to his Mayorship if he is elected. He aims to tackle environmental issues in two ways. Firstly, by incentivising businesses to take up green policies and practices. Secondly, by introducing legislation which helps reduce London’s carbon emissions and protects and promotes green spaces. He also aims to have London carbon neutral by 2030.

Make London Prosperous

  • Drive entrepreneurship and opportunities for the most deprived

  • Attract Global Business Pioneers

  • Deliver a digital London

  • Culture, Media and Sport Capital of the world

  • Promote Happiness and mental well being

  • Deliver innovation hubs

Nims has also focused on increasing London’s prosperity. He wants to support London’s growth in new industries as well as strengthen their well-established leading industries. He has stated that he wishes to ‘offer a prosperous London, a London which drives entrepreneurship and opportunities for the most deprived, and actively promotes happiness and mental wellbeing.’ His focus on promoting happiness and mental wellbeing will give a new way to measure London’s success which focuses more on people's own experiences.

Nims provides Londoners with an opportunity to vote for a candidate outside of the political mainstream and what he believes to be a vote which will truly represent London’s needs. Whilst facing an uphill battle against the well-established political parties, his leading role in London’s community and strong message around tackling London’s violent crime could make him attractive to many Londoner voters.

If you live in London, make sure to register to vote by the 21st of April and turnout to vote on May the 6th in person or through postal voting.

Register to vote here

Sam Ward, Policy and News Analysis Associate

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