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The Youth Vote is an organisation devoted to increasing voter turnout amongst young people. Historically, those within the 18-24 age bracket vote in a lower proportion than all other age groups in the UK. 

Young people are the future of the UK by virtue of their youth. It's important that their opinions, whatever they are, are listened to and respected. The first step in this process is getting them into polling stations.

The Youth Vote UK organises events and campaigns across the UK dedicated to achieving this goal. Whether it's the general, Scottish, Welsh, or local elections, we're here to help increase the youth vote.

About Us: About Us


Alex Cairns, 24

As I got older, I became extremely frustrated watching many of my friends ignore the ballot box election after election. After delving deeper and reading reports on how low voter turnout was amongst 18 to 24-year olds, I decided that I wanted to do something about it. I set up The Youth Vote UK to engage young people in the British democratic process, pushing them to vote in all local and national elections. I didn’t want us to pick a political side or drive a partisan agenda; rather, we strive to be a neutral organisation that educates people of the value of voting, and encourages young people to engage in democracy.

About Us: About Us
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